Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas

This is a happy little work I did earlier this week. I am learning to live with my work for a bit before publishing. Then when I revisit, I see so much more than at the initial conclusion of the painting. This red work made the cut.  The one I did before it of a similar set-up did not. Thankfully I know I could not have painted this one without painting the one before it that did not make the cut.

And I am having so much fun doing the abstracts. I have two more "updates" to show you over the holidays.

I am taking this opportunity to wish you all a safe and serene holiday season. 
Enjoy what you have.
Share smiles.

6 x 6



  1. What a happy feeling this painting has. Love the square glass vase. I have a similar one.
    Interesting that you enjoy letting the painting have some time before posting. I would never publish mine if I did that...see too many things wrong.
    Or I would work it to death.
    Now with my larger paintings I do that for sure.
    Sharing a smile for Christmas

  2. Dear Helen. Wish you a wonderful and warm Christmas and all the best for the year to come. Love the red in this painting, so 'Christmassy' , and like Julie, I too have a vase similar to this one.

  3. ooooo I love this one. It is Christmas-y. Beautiful!

  4. Merry Christmas Helen! Love the red!