Sunday, December 01, 2013

December Glass Challenge

This week the Daily Paintworks Challenge is about colored glass. I did not have any lightly colored glass so this painting does not demonstrate the "through" part but it is glass. Dark rich colors for the most part. We were to work quickly, not fuss, thinking of values. As I look now, the amber glass had a darker value on the base. It is always a fun and enlightening painting assignment.


  1. This is so colorful and you certainly made the amber glass transparent. I love the way you painted the blue vase.
    I also have a similar deep Cobalt Blue vase and it is hardly transparent at all. Looks just like yours.

  2. I agree, glass is always a fun challenge and I like that you used both the transparent and almost opaque contrasts. Nicely done and colorful!

  3. I have a vase just like this one , same cobalt color, seems to be quite popular :-) I like very much the way you set up the vase behind, such an unexpected crop !