Thursday, December 05, 2013


We are back in the studio after a summer and fall of plein air work. Our assignments for now will center on abstracts. These abstracts will then in turn effect our representational works. 
This is the first time an abstract told me where it wanted to go. It was first a work in various whites, then it became a study of a wall and then all of a sudden, it was about fences. The fences each of us deals with daily, a part of our path.
We painted for about two hours and I was good about turning the work and painting with different sides up. But it wanted to be this.

20 x 20



  1. Amazing what you did in two hours. That is a large size.
    I really like it and also like the concept of representing the fences in our lives.

  2. Really good symbolism and color harmony here Helen!