Monday, November 04, 2013

Water Challenge

 Here is my "gettin loose" 5 minute painting getting ready for the water challenge this week.
It is of a beautiful water scene in Oregon.
Why a water challenge. Because it is really a challenge!
This gettin ready is on yupo with oils.
What a fun, quick way to set out.

Here is my first try. I like the composition and feel the 6" x 12" canvas fits what I had in mind.
Taking the photo was once again problematic. Always a bit of a glare somewhere.
I look forward to trying this again as it is a scene I really want to capture.
The important part is the water............hmmmm......
we will see


  1. I long format is always powerful for a landscape. This one works very well indeed, and I also love the energy you captured in the sketch.

  2. Amazing what you can create in just 5 minutes ! It's a great scene, and I really like the loose way you painted it.

  3. It's amazing what you were able to capture in 5 minutes, good job!