Thursday, November 07, 2013

View from the Park

Yesterday class painted at a park in Petaluma that had views of downtown, a row of old Victorians, residential streets, cityscapes as in the above photo of an old grain elevator and building from a feel mill.Not to mention the glorious fall colors seen in the trees.  What a wonderful variety of paintings emerged.

This is what emerged for me. I got there early and spent some time drawing the scene, looking at angles, deciding what to include or leave out. Then I did a thumbnail or two of notan deciding on my light and dark pattern. Making this array of neutrals was the next part of the morning. Who knew? Warm and cool, lighter and darker.........

6" x 8"



  1. Oh nice Helen, amazing how whites can be so many different colors, you did a nice job on it!

  2. This is the perfect subject for you , lots of different prospectives painted beautifully . And I love the soft colors , would fit in anywhere ! Have a nice weekend.