Thursday, October 10, 2013

Class works


Wednesday class was held up in the hills to the east of Petaluma. I chose to paint a little old pump house. How difficult could that be?  Lots, let me tell you.
I was working on a 5 inch square which complicated matter immensely.
At any rate, I love the palette. You can tell I have not worked on canvas lately as I had a terrible time getting enough paint built up on the canvas. Sit back in your chair and enjoy the rich colors.

Here is my  30 minute painting.We do it at the end of each class with the thought being that our palette is set, we are tired and must paint quickly. That time limit allows the painting to be so fresh and without effort. Once again  I did not get to build up paint on the canvas. Next week I know exactly what to work on from the start.This canvas is 4" by 6".
Will I ever tire of barns and sheds?
Probably not.


  1. Clever to use the chimney and edge of pump house to divide the canvas
    so the the wedge of light comes in and travels horizontally to balance it out. love the colors.

  2. I think we all have a favorite subject that somehow comes easy to us, and yours may be barns. And I love your barns and houses , something I practically never paint myself, but I can admire yours :-) What do you normally paint on if not canvas ?

  3. A humble pump house but you ma:)de the color planes really pop! Love this .

  4. two good paintings! Keep them coming!