Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Another Barn

Surprise! I love painting barns.
This one was done in class today.
It is old, off kilter, full of odd angles.
That is what I love.
I remember from my childhood what happens to barns.
Horses eat wood.
Bulls go through walls.
High winds wreck havoc.
And on and on.

I really enjoyed painting this one.
Life is full of life right now so no painting for a few days.
It will settle down. And I will do more barns.

8" x 10"



  1. This has a beautiful neutral palette which really goes well with the barn theme. you can call your barns a 'series' by now.
    You obviously really feel something special for them because it comes across in your work.

  2. This barn really made me smile, all the odd angles and the barn looking like it is just about to fall it , great work :-)

  3. I love this one too. The greys are yummy. Love the composition with the lines and angles. Class was way fun. '-) Great to see everyone.

  4. It may be 'off kilter', but still has a solid foundation which makes it feel just right. I agree with Julie on this palette too. Nice painting!