Thursday, September 26, 2013

Day Twenty-Six

My view Wednesday was looking out over fields of autumn grasses, irrigated crops, and ponds with a farm building in the distance. This is how I finished up class Wednesday and I like the freshness of this painting. I might revisit it and rework the center area.  I almost have it.  Anyone out there familiar with that kind of an almost?

6" x 12"


  1. Hi Helen! I added you to my blog list on my bog:) I appreciate you have me on yours!! and your comments make my day!

  2. I have many 'almost there' paintings in the rack , so I know what you mean :-) This looks very good to me , the different kinds of fields are very well done , and there's a great feeling of distance ! Have a nice weekend.

  3. Yes, very familiar with "almost"....I think your landscape has some nice colors and a cool abstract feel to it!