Monday, September 30, 2013

Day Thirty

You have seen Tony before. I called him Fred but actually he his name is  Tony and he is heftier than I originally painted. So this is a repost of sorts. I fixed the background as the other one was not working for me, gave him some heft, lightened some areas and put his tail more into the background. I like him  much better and I do apologize for the glare in the lower right hand corner. Day 30, dragging a bit, but I did it! I will take another photo this week, Now I am going to  clean the studio, fix more supports, paint. And probably in that order. 

12" x 12"



  1. My, my, my...finishing up with quite a bang as the saying goes. this is beautifully painted. I enlarged it and took my time admiring the various areas, and my favorite has to be the tail with all the glorious colors you have flowing in there.
    congratulations on finishing the challenge. - my last!

  2. Tony is a handsome fellow. Great job on the challenge Helen!

  3. Whatever his name he is really awesome, such great and bold colors and I love the thick texture ! xx