Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Day Four

Day four brings us another version of the shed in our neighbors yard. My intent was to include the trees in the background which are quite solid and play with the  tones traveling through them. I have to lower my head and lean back when looking at the computer screen.........then I get the colors I really wanted. Does this make anyone else a little crazy?
There is an abstract quality about this painting that just does it for me. And isn't that our goal?

To go back to the posting from yesterday.......three roses.........

Julie asked me why the one rose on the right "sang" for me..... could I put it into words. It is the rose I had in my mind and I accomplished it with the fewest strokes. That I know for sure. I fussed over the lower rose as it had an unusual shape. Fussed is not a good thing. The rose on the top just has the wrong dark color. So much easier to see that a couple of days later. So in retrospect, losing some of the sharp lines on those two roses would have benefited the painting that I wanted to do that day. 
This challenge is for me continuing down the road of painting what I want to paint and letting go of exactly what is there. The little shed above demonstrates that. 

Painting is so personal. If you have time, please share your thoughts. All our journeys are amazing.


  1. The rose that sings for me is in the shed here. It is the perfect shade that a painted red shed fades into. I do have that thing you describe with my laptop, but luckily not our main pc monitor. yes, it can make one crazy!

  2. You are correct,Helen, it is very abstract That beautiful touch of light on the roof is what makes this painting for me.
    Thanks for explaining about the rose - whenever I over stroke I kill the glow.