Saturday, August 24, 2013

Wednesday Class

 Wednesday art class was back at the park. Here my goal was shapes and center of interest. That is not easy for me when I do not have a figure or a structure. I decided on the path of light behind the tree. It was a good day of learning.

Then in the last 10 minutes I used up the paint on my palette with this little study of the path going up the hill. I have walked it many times. But my result is more of an abstract. Shapes and values. Today I worked on this same view in a larger format but I don't feel I have it yet. The one thing hard to deny is the loveliness of the late summer hills.


  1. Love the repeat pattern of all the trianglular shapes.
    Did you see them that way or did you make them that way for the design.
    Your greens are perfect.

  2. I like both paintings...! Good work. I especially like that abstract path. Contemporary!

  3. Very nice! I love that beautiful patch of warm green on the first one, it really wakes up your whole painting.