Sunday, June 30, 2013


The Daily Paintworks Challenge is all about sunflowers this week.  I did one with deeper golden colors and it was just fine.......and then it wasn't. Scrape, scrape.Truly the story of my week.
My second attempt I kept basic. I did a couple of art quilts with this composition so I am familiar with it and fond of it also. When does" keep it simple" not work? I cannot think of a time.
Fun to do and I want to do more......but so many paintings, so little time. My favorite part......the edges. Do you have one?

6" x 6"



  1. Hello Helen, I like your flower paintings. Great use of colors! I added your blog to my watchlist, to see more of your art!
    Saludos from Gran Canaria, Nelly

  2. Thank you for commenting. It is fun to share our journeys.

  3. Wow, love how you just painted half of the painting, adds so much more punch !