Saturday, June 01, 2013

Busy, busy

Art class on Wednesday and I decided I would draw. Since it was on the fly, meaning without models, I just worked on my basics which I have ignored for too long. The sketch below just shows that I was actually doing something............hunting for the S curve. I did not get any "finished" products.......just practiced. There were lots of construction workers on the move......that was great practice.


 This is the large painting I worked on last week. I knew it was only a first layer.
My next move on it, which I have started, is to limit the palette even further and see where it goes. And I need to paint my word which is BIG, not repetition as it would seem. I love using the big brush and making strong strokes. When I correct the shape on the next layer, I will post. I am hoping for an afternoon of painting. The morning sure was great.

Yes, I got to paint! And now the pear is BIG and BOLD.
And I am sure.......this is not the last layer.
Closer for sure but still there might be fun places to go with it.
Big and Bold is 20 x 24
That is as large as I am comfortable with for now.


  1. I think drawing is very important too, should do it more often myself. That big pear really made me smile , you surely wanted to possess the canvas :-) I am curious to see where this will lead:-)

  2. Love the natural way you sketch Helen. You have a lovely confidence to the line.
    Big, strong, colorful pears. Love them!