Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Spontaneous Pears

Today at art, the process was talking, commenting and receiving feedback. I did a painting at the beginning of class and then took it home and scraped it.  When I am painting out and about, if I am not moved by the location it is all over before it starts. I find that I really need to care. Really.
Wonderful assessing of my pear paintings. Yesterday's pears, # 3 I think, will be revisited for a change in the way I approach the palette. It is drying now and then I will approach it again with a clearer idea of where my colors need to be.  It is all good.
At the end of class we are to do a quick, 30 minutes or less, painting with the colors left on our  palette. I did pears from memory. I succeeded in playing which was my chief goal. Quick and fun.
My next step is to really mess with the composition. If need be, do strange or funny or just stretch it however I want. That will call for special music. And maybe a dance step or two. We will see.
Come back and you will see also.

5" x 7"



  1. Nice Helen, this painting does have a spontaneous feel to it. I love the blue outline of the pears!

  2. Oh, have fun with your pears Helen ! I think you were having a blue period here :-)

  3. Very Cezanne - it cannot get much better than this!
    Bravo, Helen.