Wednesday, May 15, 2013

quick study

 This is a little 6" x  8" done at the end of last week's class. It is a study of form and the essence of a tree. 
No thinking, just paint.
As I look at it now, I could really tweak it.
But no, that is a dead end road. 

I will let it be.

Simple and straightforward.

Less than perfect, but mine.

Class today.......scrape

What we need to remember........

It is all good.


  1. Tweaking it is a dead end road - do you believe that, dear Helen?
    Is there ever a time you know you can tweak and it will be what makes it better? What is the deciding factor. I wanna know.

  2. I love the abstract feeling of this painting. Sometime, less is more and I have to remind myself that many times!

  3. I love the way you do trees, this one is great as the one below !