Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Majestic Three

Northern California has many, many eucalyptus trees which tower over the landscape. Their trunks are full of subtle, neutral colors with peeling bark.Leaves are all shades of blue and green and yellow.
This is a large painting for me that fell into place rapidly. I only made a few changes to the original. I greyed back the barns and kept them to the side. They love to be important in my painting and here they were not the story. 
This is the view from my studio window which I paint and paint. I also edit and edit!

16" x 20"



  1. This is one of my favorites of yours Helen. Love the close harmonies and brushwork.

  2. I think it is fantastic how many times you can paint the same thing and still make it different ! This one is one of my favorites .