Monday, May 06, 2013

Class Assignment

Last week our class visited a local park and we all enjoyed painting the beautiful Sonoma County landscape.
I concentrated on a small scene I have often admired but never painted. I had some palette trouble but liked the composition.
My wonderful instructor suggested I take the above painting and do it several more times, each in a different palette.
Now that was fun.
Quick, experimental and such great results.


I cannot decide on a favorite. Upper left is the first one and I like the palette but the barn is askew a bit.
 Number two has the fun violet sky and the barn is more grounded. That's a good thing.
Number three in the lower left is fun. Fun always works.

The last one on the lower right shows that I was tiring. And yet, look at the kind of surreal atmosphere. That old barn just looks like it could fall right down. 

What a great learning experience.
These are all 6" x 6"

The first three are on Senso canvas paper.
Number 4 is on a board.
All are oil.

I invite you to leave a comment. It would be fun to know your favorites. We all respond differently, thank goodness.



  1. These are all great but My dibs is on #4. Love the freedom and colors. That's the great thing about art...taste is subjective.

  2. What a great idea to do the same in different colors! All beautiful , but my vote would go to the red number3, love the red and yellow together.