Monday, April 15, 2013

More Peppers

This is a reworked posting. I did this painting during the 30 Challenge in January and was not happy with the amount of  form.The peppers needed depth.  So I played a bit on Saturday and got more form. Notice I said more not most!
 I really like this set up and feel I can push it lots of different ways. Since I am living in the land of peppers right now, having done 8 or 10 works featuring them, I am sure you will see lots of colorful renditions of this work.
Next, push the darks darker and the let the  lights shine. 

I painted for over two hours, no interruptions on Saturday.
That is a wonderful block of time for me.
Next weekend looks to have even more free time.
But........the sun is out full force here in Sonoma County so the hiking shoes will be getting some use.
I cannot wait!

And I will be working on that marketing class.

6" x 6"

1 comment:

  1. Helen you really know how to work those peppers, beautiful set up and contrasts. I really have to try and paint peppers myself, this is inspiring :-)