Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pepper by feel

I was going to paint this pepper even more out of the box than the previous one to the point of stabbing the pepper with my palette knife and separating it into halves.. But everything evolves and as I was painting away, I started to feel the shape of the pepper. Now why fight with that?
So I kept it loose and found that silky feeling that the outside of a pepper has. 
And then there is the inside full of little seeds, wonderful shades of warm
 and cool lights, dark shadows.
I know it is two shapes not three.
I know they are really centered.
But it evolved!

6 x 8


  1. I really love the bright colors you have used, this is not just a pepper cut in half , but a beautiful artistic creation , love it !

  2. I agree with are taking the ordinary and making it extra-ordinary....Keep the series going...

  3. This blog header is fabulous and I like the color green you have selected.....easy on the eyes and makes the art pop