Monday, March 11, 2013

more bovines

I have been working with this little painting. It is number 2 and all I am doing is trying to add a little excitement.  This painting captures perfectly what was happening. The steer was just standing, staring at me. I wonder how they smile!
Beautiful colors of gold, orange, sienna and more.
Next I will try the same painting timed to see if I can capture it with just simple shapes.
Simple, clean.
We will see.

8 x 8


  1. I see a lot of cows lately on the various blogs, to me it looks quite difficult to paint, but you make it looks easy ! Yes, isn't it funny how they just stand there staring :-)

  2. Love tis one. It has great colors and brushwork. Almost cute enough to hug!

  3. Very nice Helen, great job on the cow and I like the background color you chose!