Sunday, March 17, 2013

Flowers by sound 4

Flowers by Sound, Jazz

The last painting of the day, the 4th 30 minute work.
It was painted to jazz.
The important part of this painting is that I could feel the form of the tulip and the beautiful, soft texture.

8 x 13


  1. My favorite Helen, I love the different greens you used and great job on the tulips!

  2. My fav so far. Design, paint quality and color all work perfectly together. I cannot paint to jazz but you did it brilliantly.

  3. This has turned out to be a lovely series of tulips...together in a row on the wall they will look aweome !

  4. Which is your favorite, Helen? I think they are all good but usually the artist has a fav.

    I know I commented on this. Sometimes I wonder what happenes to the comments. Glad I checked back.

  5. Julie, I think there are little goblins who take replies, comments and whole emails! Thank you for checking back. My favorite..the third that my daughter asked for for her foster child, or the fourth where I can feel myself holding the tulip, enjoying the texture.