Sunday, February 10, 2013

Simple is best

Here is the painting from my last posting two layers later. Simple, clean, exciting. Strong shapes. And I am still learning all about the whole thing. So the question is does the strong light shape outshine the red barns...........and is the dark shape on the right side correct yet?


Another barn I painted from behind our a similar manner.  Simple shapes. Another road traveled.
And why is the lower left my favorite part of the painting?
Because it is effortless?


  1. Dear Helen, I like them both but with a preference for the one below which I love for the strong simple shapes and the bold red. In my opinion, yes, the light in the top painting somehow steals the scene, the barn seems almost unimportant...but it is only my humble opinion . xx

  2. i agree with Jane but only because you asked us to compare....Greens and reds are my hardest values to pin down.

    1. Thanks to both of you. They are very different paintings as the top one is very large ( for me) ....probably 16 x 20 . It is down in the studio or I would measure it for you. The lower one is 6 x 6 or 8 x 8...located in the same place! I tried to pop the barns in the top one.....maybe they need to pop more? Just living with it for will come to me......

  3. I agree with Jane and Jo. When I first glanced at it I thought it was a billowing cloud of smoke rising up. It is like the art demo where you either see two face profiles or a chalice.
    You will work it out.

    Want to pass on this gem.
    The numbers part of the comment security need not be accurate like the letters. Enter any two numbers and it will work. Honest. great to know when you can hardly read the numbers.
    You do have to still get the letters right.