Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Friendly Face

 I have been wanting to paint this friendly face that stares at me each  afternoon over the fence for some time now.. It is my first bovine painting and such fun. Very loose for sure. Got lots of the texture by painting over an old work.

8 x 8

This is a  10 inch process piece. It will go to class with me tomorrow and probably get completely painted out. Just to see what emerges next. When I paint a piece this way it is painted with each of the four sides up at one time or another during the sitting. What do you see?

You have seen this scene before. I was trying to isolate it into just four areas. My goal is for it to be higher key and looser. I have visited it four times and see it might be four more!


  1. The cow is soooo cute!
    Love the abstract but I do not "see" anything but a non representational painting full of energy and color.
    The barn does look familiar and wonder what you meant by separating it into four areas?

    1. Much less detail, just 4 shapes defining the painting. I have no idea if it will work. I will send links later that demonstrate what I am thinking. Barns are one, foreground two, green areas three and sky four. How simple can I make these areas and still convey time and place?

  2. Oh that cow does look friendly, almost curious :-) In the second one I don't really see anything, but it's a great base for ...anything ! The barn painting is a very serene and atmospheric painting . Have a nice day.