Thursday, February 14, 2013

Are you ready?

I will be working on barns in the near future. Shapes, colors, values.
I did this one a few weeks ago. Love the light as the sun lowers in the sky......probably around 4 in the afternoon, winter for sure.
I do  not think I posted it before and I want to you to enjoy it as tomorrow I will post another version. Each presentation stresses something different. Tomorrow will be shapes.

6 x 6

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  1. Linda Benville2:23 PM

    I love this barn! Well, I love everything you paint! My sisters & I took Dad back here to Missouri for his eightieth birthday. We took pics of him with each of us where we breathed our first breath. I have pics of me & Dad, also the barn on that property. It was a home birth at my maternal grandparents' home. My albums are stored in Boonville, so I'll have to find that to share with you when I'm on the West Coast again. Linda B.