Friday, January 11, 2013

Unbelieveable, number 10, red peppers

Well, well. Remember all those titles from yesterday. Here is the same set up using red peppers. These guys are looking less maybe I feel like I should really lean on you......oh...just kidding! My shadows need to be darker but it was really a fun painting to do. And I did it. Right about at day 10 that is an accomplishment for sure.
And I had to use artificial light when I took the picture. I will try to correct that tomorrow.
But I did it!
Leslie Saeta is where to can go to seem some really great paintings and learn about the 30 day challenge.
Thank you Leslie, I am pushing myself.

6 x 6


  1. Beautiful Helen! I love the way you arranged the peppers and I love those colors!

  2. Great shapes and color !

  3. I have enjoyed catching up on all your Challenge painting and what a fun time I had. I cannot find a definite favorite because I seem to like them all, but these red peppers have to be right up at the top.