Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Number One

Thirty Paintings in thirty days is a challenge that Leslie Saeta is running this month from her blog    Over 200 artists have said they will do the 30 paintings.Since it is a long standing goal of mine to paint daily and I have various amounts of success with it, I joined the crowd. It will be fun to see new artists and always it broadens one's horizons. 
So the first several pieces will be around roses as I wish to see how far I can push the subject. Then off to barns or some other favorite subject.
The only rule she posts is that we have to have fun. Easy. 

5 x 7


  1. Off to a great start, Helen.

  2. Glad you're doing the challenge Helen! I like the fact that you're going to concentrate on a subject for a few of the paintings, I like that approach and may borrow that for some of mine! Great job on the first piece!