Sunday, September 30, 2012

Color on the mountain

Here is that little scene from the Sonoma Mountains with much more intense colors. It gives the painting a very different feeling, not as peaceful but yes, more active and lively.

9 x 12

My attempt at painting the mountains but losing them also. And how can you go wrong with red barns?
11 x 14

This is my first study revised. It needed color and life. There.

6 x 6

My last oak tree for a time. This one had way too many revisions. I got it, I lost it. Such is the way of some paintings. So I scraped, fixed and let it go!

11 x 14

Monday, September 24, 2012

More Fun with Trees

More fun with far can I push them?  Something tells me I am only starting!
Love the intense colors in this one.

8 x8


Her is the 12 x 12 from class last week. I "refound" my darks and put another layer on the greens. I also tried to add interest to the tree branches.. Maybe it is done, maybe not. It will go to class for a critique on Wednesday.

12 x 12


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sonoma Mountain 3

Here is number three.  Number two got painted today in a 12 x 12 format but I lost my darks. So it is drying and I will revisit it later in the week.  Each time I paint this tree, I learn a little more. Gesture I have but I need to work on really exaggerating it.  And making my darks interesting without losing the darkness. It was a great day painting!

8 x 8

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Notan, Study

This morning I started out carefully. I had a photo from last week of a tree with wonderful negative spaces that I want to paint this week in class on the mountain.  So I printed the photo and then I played with a pen and sketched dark and light, notan.  It is not perfect, not the  point at all at this stage. I wanted to learn the lines and gestures of the tree. I also need to see if my light and dark pattern is pleasing.

The next step for me was to mix a palette. I was happy with what I mixed except tomorrow on site I need to take it out to include a purple tone. And that red dot on the trunk is a little much so when I paint the larger version, I will watch for that. This study is 6 x 6.
Now I leave it alone and then in the morning look at it with fresh eyes and see what needs to be revised.  Am I ready for the larger version I have planned?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sonoma Mountains

This little scene I found a couple of miles further up the mountains than the one I did two weeks ago.
It was a perfect little picture of times of old on the mountain.
I loved it.

9 x 12

Monday, September 10, 2012

Fascination with Roses

The question is: how few strokes can I use to define this white rose (Iceberg)?
My fascination is on many levels but one for sure is that roses are fleeting....into the fall, they are lovely and then they are gone for several months. So this is make hay while the sun shines!
I love my roses and I continually try to capture their essence.  They are so good to me, showing beauty and joy to any who look.

6 x 6

Saturday, September 08, 2012


This is the third or fourth try and finally I am getting somewhere. It is done on a 10 x 16 board which is an unusual size. I will now leave this one and take all the information forward for the next larger painting.

Abstract Rose

6 x 6
It just was fun to keep looking and see what is there. I scraped it off once as I was getting too fussy. This is more my style.....a little wild and crazy!

The art opening was very nice last night. I have three pieces in this show, the 25th Anniversary Show at Gallery One in Petaluma. Stop by if you can.........

Thursday, September 06, 2012


How can it be September? Just sayin......
This morning I gave myself one hour to finish up or fix a 12 x 12 inch work for yesterday's art class. It was my intention to take a flower to that size successfully. Sandy, the instructor, worked with me and I learned so much.  I do not feel successful yet but I intend to do a repeat performance next week. I want to feel more capable with a larger support. We were at the dahlia farm and yes, I know it looks like a sunflower. But you would be surprised at how much it looks like the dahliain front of me. Learning is the key word here.

As part of the one hour I was to also do a 6 inch study. Here it is, the same flower, still looking like a sunflower but the point is......I was painting.  Walking forward. Doing. Having fun.
What more could you want?