Sunday, April 29, 2012

Goose Lake Barn up close

I have painted this barn before, but never up this close. The colors in the boards are important to me along with the fact the barn is a "drive-through". Hard and soft edges. So much fun to do. This Goose Lake borders both California and Oregon.
8 x 8

Monday, April 16, 2012


This is a little study of a barn out on Fallon Road near Petaluma.  I like the way it sits up high, overlooking lots of real estate. Now I know to ask myself to recheck the angles on the barn and to review how much foreground I want. The sky was beautiful that day so I think it merits more attention.
As always, more to come.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Good, better.........

This is the sunflower from earlier in the week. I touched it up after class and some input from the instructor.  Basically I removed the blue in the background and unified the painting with a deep grey green. That resulted in a more restful work for sure.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter

Here is Number 2 in my annual calla lily painting marathon.  I just love the form and grace of that flower that we get to have so early in the gardening year.  Number 1 needed some work and I am not sure I improved it at all, but this next version does seem to have some nice freshness. And a little abstract quality...............

6 x 6, oil

I have always wanted to paint a sunflower.  Last weekend my friend gave me a bouquet that included sunflowers so the challenge was on. Fun to do and also pretty fresh.........

 6 x 6 and in oil

At art class on Wednesday there was a softball in the set-up.  It said Spring and that day was also Jacob's first baseball game.  So springtime, softball or baseball, it is all here. And it is all good.

I wish you flowers and fun and peace on this Easter Sunday.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Easter Challenge

This is my challenge entry for "Easter".  This time of year means so much but one of the most important happenings is the emergence of my cally lilies.  They sing spring.

6 x 6  oil on board

As you can see, I am still working on daffodils.  I have not yet mastered them but this painting seems to be a step forward. I love the quiet of the greys against the bright yellows of the flowers.

12 x 12   oil on board

This is Google Earth and Helen looking at Bodega Bay. Such fun to play with the shapes and colors. What color is not in the ocean?
On the earth?

11x 14    oil on canvas

I am in the process of posting my paintings on the Daily Paintworks site of which I have become a member.   You can see many, many lovely paintings at
Look up member artists, search for my name, go to my gallery.
Fun, fun.