Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday, November 20

This is the exercise our art class is to do this week. Just paint and have fun. See what emerges. Black, white, grey only. You willl notice I have a warm white and a cool white. I was so excited to see the animal and the fish just be there. It is a little 6 x 6 study and one could paint many, many of them. They do reveal lots about what is on your mind......
My next two had figures hidden in them. Unusual figures.......
Go figure!

Just had to show you Miss Pretty got her second leg!

Here is my fun for this morning. The light is coming in from the left and is fairly strong on the buildings. It was difficult to pull off but for my first go at this composition......it's all good.  Three buildings.......a broken fence and a majestic tree full of shades of orange and gold.
What's not to like. Where will it go.......time will tell. So good to be back in the studio.

5 x 7


  1. You have been so busy Helen ! I love the first one for the abstract and creative quality, and miss Pretty and the last painting are both awesome !

  2. Really wonderful Helen. Love them all. You have such a great painter's eye.

  3. Look at you go! Come back from a trip and there is no stopping you.
    I do not know how I missed this post.
    The abstract is very strong - love the concept too of what your teacher has you doing.
    Miss Pretty...still pretty, looks balanced now.
    These barns look good any way you choose to paint them, Helen