Saturday, November 17, 2012

Three Roses

My last post featured a shot of this work with a horrible glare.  Today I used the rainy skies land took the photo outside. It is much better but still the original problem exists.  Too much medium.  So my next step, when it is very dry, is to apply another coat or glaze with some wax in it. That should take care of the shiny. We will see. I still love the freshness.

So today, the flowers opened up as they will do. I decided on a strong diagonal and semi-abstracting much of the painting. The center of interest is pretty darn close to the center, but what a supporting cast! It was a great morning painting, then off shopping with my four year old grandson for new clothes.....he is turning five next week. We had lots of fun and bought blue to match those beautiful eyes of his.........


  1. I enjoyed seeing this with not as much glare. Thanks for taking it again. The colors are gorgeous in it.
    Love the blue with the story of your grandson. Lucky grandmother!

  2. So all in all I think you spent a wonderful day :-) I love the colors in both paintings, the blue rose below is awesome. xx