Thursday, October 04, 2012

Revisions and Letting Go

Here is the revision from the title of this blog entry.  I lost the sky holes hoping one would then concentrate on the trunk area. When I lowered the base of the tree, the composition seemed to work better.  By graying out much of the top, one's eyes go to the bottom and the interesting play of colors.

The yellow barns were not working so I had to let go. Not so hard. Now the barns are a burnt red-orange and work much better in this painting.  Now the whole work is hot, hot. Must be a summer day on the mountain. A definite improvement. The barns could be settled in a bit more, but I am done with this one. There is another painting waiting to be painted.

This Country Chicken is a commission. Love her feathers. She just stands there and owns what she is. Now that is a girl after my heart. Good job, country chicken.

With each painting that I posted today, I learned. As the title says, revise, let go, and then enjoy.
Paint for the  joy of painting. Feel the oils grab the board. Play with color. See form.

More tomorrow.....more paintings, more joy.

1 comment:

  1. The tree still looks good. Definitely prefer the new color of the barns and the chicken is just plain wonderful!
    I think the red of his head in light and shadow is perfect.