Thursday, September 06, 2012


How can it be September? Just sayin......
This morning I gave myself one hour to finish up or fix a 12 x 12 inch work for yesterday's art class. It was my intention to take a flower to that size successfully. Sandy, the instructor, worked with me and I learned so much.  I do not feel successful yet but I intend to do a repeat performance next week. I want to feel more capable with a larger support. We were at the dahlia farm and yes, I know it looks like a sunflower. But you would be surprised at how much it looks like the dahliain front of me. Learning is the key word here.

As part of the one hour I was to also do a 6 inch study. Here it is, the same flower, still looking like a sunflower but the point is......I was painting.  Walking forward. Doing. Having fun.
What more could you want?

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  1. I dont know why you are feeling insecure about this piece The top one has a wonderful abstract quality and the negative areas are exciting to me. You have a good teacher and she has a good artist.