Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Plein Air

Today was a beautiful day in Sonoma County. It got warm but this morning we painted fairly early at a local Dahlia Farm.  I was taken with both the sky and the buildings sitting close to the horizon line, comfy in the shade of trees. They were peeking out in the morning light. The sky, to me, always has something going on. Loved painting this one.

On Old Adobe Road

8 x 8



  1. That is a great angle of the trees - adds a lot of power. Good to see your nice juicy brush marks too. I can tell you enjoyed doing this one, Helen. A great feeling isn't it? We are so blessed to be artists

  2. Marvelous Helen. The confidence and brushstrokes really show that you enjoyed painting this one. It's lovely.
    Happy Painting.