Friday, July 20, 2012

And Again

And again is a good title. I am going to paint this scene until I am delighted with the result. I like the values here but I am not as happy with my paint strokes. It might be because I scraped the paint off a time or two. So the saying goes, onward and upward.

6 x 8 oil


  1. I understand the determination to get it so YOU like it.
    It is hard to separate our own ego because we really want to believe others when they say how good something is great. Doesn't matter - all that matters is if YOU are satisfied on this journey.

    After saying that, I rather like the very abstract, flat quality of this one. Can you see it? And if so, the important part is - do you agree with me?

  2. I admire your determination! It's a lovely lanscape and last post was nice. Good luck with it!