Friday, June 01, 2012

Walking the walk

Walking the walk really means painting the paintings. Honestly, I have been painting but I must also say that these Northern California allergies are slowing me down. It is the height of dry grass season and pollen is in the air.
I wanted a simple tomato painting and lo, I got myself into trouble midway through. Too much medium.  I think I should have scraped and started over but today is a work day for me so I pushed on. It will be good to see how it dries and the total effect of too much medium. The background reminds me of old linoleum.....not intended, I can assure you.

6 x 6

This is my second polka dot painting.  It is posted in the Challenge on Daily Paintworks but I did not blog with it. Such a fun challenge. How could a few little polka dots complicate matters so? My garden is going wild so more flower paintings are in the works.


  1. love the yellow polka dots within the purple background...

  2. Thank you. Polka dots are fun, for sure.