Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter

Here is Number 2 in my annual calla lily painting marathon.  I just love the form and grace of that flower that we get to have so early in the gardening year.  Number 1 needed some work and I am not sure I improved it at all, but this next version does seem to have some nice freshness. And a little abstract quality...............

6 x 6, oil

I have always wanted to paint a sunflower.  Last weekend my friend gave me a bouquet that included sunflowers so the challenge was on. Fun to do and also pretty fresh.........

 6 x 6 and in oil

At art class on Wednesday there was a softball in the set-up.  It said Spring and that day was also Jacob's first baseball game.  So springtime, softball or baseball, it is all here. And it is all good.

I wish you flowers and fun and peace on this Easter Sunday.

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  1. Patty Pomi6:11 PM

    Ok now under the baseball I could comment, but not on all paintings. I love the baseball by the way. Am I going to toooo many games?!