Thursday, March 01, 2012

Fun class to end February

This is the fun way we ended February in art class.  The subject was white and the table held many white objects. I selected one and cannot tell it was white but you can tell the little guy has attitude like crazy. One thing I learned......I made him mine!

This picture is not very good but what I wanted to show you, you can see. On the mug there are some nice strong strokes of paint. I want more  of that.

This set up was done with a strong artificial light source. I love the way the plate shows how bright it was and the mug shows both  the light and the reflected lights. We were to paint the same set-up three different ways...this one was the class favorite. I wish I could combine parts of all three.


  1. Bravo! Love them. Great job Helen.

  2. Thanks, Candi. We are having so muh fun and we do miss you......