Thursday, February 23, 2012

The elusive ellipse

My last week has been spent working on the all started with the junk food painting I posted previously. So I drew and drew. Then I went to class and got wonderful instruction on what I was missing......and off I went. Now I understand so much more. The next challenge is to translate that into a painting without overdoing. And I love to overdo!
My favorite, if I indulge, is Ginger Ale. So clean and refreshing.
My version is done on canvas paper........just a study of the subject.

Here I challenged myself to create a work using only a palette knife, no brushes.
On canvas paper again............just a study.

Class was once again junk food so I expanded my view to include donuts. It was good to paint all the ellipses you see.........placed, set, name it!
Canvas paper again........which is great for the whole learning curve. When you know it is a study, doing something more temporary is a good thing. Boards stack up enough as it is in the studio........
And the daily paintworks challenge is meat this week. As in raw meat. I wonder if I will get to it. :) And what about the beautiful daffodils on the desk. They are also speaking to me!

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