Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This week.........

Last week I  posted this work and here you see it with the shadow color corrected and the feet actually placed in the sand.  I also minimized the horizon. It works much better.

This week the Daily Paintworks challenge is called the Wheel Challenge.  Pretty much any way you want. So this is  a slightly abstracted image of Jacob on the first day he could ride a two wheeler. It was done quickly. As soon as I started to fuss, I stopped. It is a little study, a part of my learning process. And as you can see, there is something wrong with his legs.....but the motion, I have.

Last week you saw this barn.......and now it is better. So much better. Now it speaks to me and that was my intention. 6 x 6, oil.

This one got a workover also. It is not as strong but really, those boards hold lots of history. If only they could talk. The complimentary color scheme holds the painting together......

I am very fond of terra cotta pots and had a chance to do another one in class last week.  It was not all beat up, which is preferable, but still a great shape and color. The little orange in the back wants to say something.......just not sure what!  8 x 8, oil

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