Thursday, January 19, 2012

more studies

Here are three 6 inch studies that reflect some growth in composition and perhaps taking on new subjects. Cauliflower? You bet. It is done on a really rough board but it was fun to do and laid down easily. We laughed at whether the painting was actually of the cauliflower or maybe a hydrangea. Does it really matter.........

And then there was a glass holding two cloves of garlic. That was a challenge.......all the different values and reflections and shadows. I really learned doing this one.  And who doesn't love garlic.

This photograph was very hard to get in artificial light ( they all were ). The daily paintworks challenge is the color tangerine this week.  So an apple with a stroke or two of tangerine is ok but a knife with that silver color holding various reflections is not ok.  But I tried and I will try again.

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