Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This week.........

Last week I  posted this work and here you see it with the shadow color corrected and the feet actually placed in the sand.  I also minimized the horizon. It works much better.

This week the Daily Paintworks challenge is called the Wheel Challenge.  Pretty much any way you want. So this is  a slightly abstracted image of Jacob on the first day he could ride a two wheeler. It was done quickly. As soon as I started to fuss, I stopped. It is a little study, a part of my learning process. And as you can see, there is something wrong with his legs.....but the motion, I have.

Last week you saw this barn.......and now it is better. So much better. Now it speaks to me and that was my intention. 6 x 6, oil.

This one got a workover also. It is not as strong but really, those boards hold lots of history. If only they could talk. The complimentary color scheme holds the painting together......

I am very fond of terra cotta pots and had a chance to do another one in class last week.  It was not all beat up, which is preferable, but still a great shape and color. The little orange in the back wants to say something.......just not sure what!  8 x 8, oil

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The barn again.......

After leaving art class last week I felt the need to do more work on the barns but have them reflect more light and more fun. No more plain, boring barns here! The first little work is only 6 x 6 and done with yellows and greens with a great dark pattern traveling through the piece.  The lights are somewhat balanced with the more mysterious darks.  You know it is part of a building but not much more than that.

I also tried another color palette concentrating on shapes.   For some reason the green blues really appeal to me. They only suggest which is what I wanted. Warm and cool........

The Daily Paintworks challenge for this week is to paint a seated figure.  The suggested photo was very complicated and I am pretty new at figures so I went with one of my own.  Last summer Dennis, my husband, and I took our grandsons out to the beach.  So happy, just give him a pair of binoculars and a seat, any seat, and it is all good. It was a clear day and there was lots to see.
Wrong color for the shadow but so much fun to do.  This is my second attempt.....the first one was just practice!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

more studies

Here are three 6 inch studies that reflect some growth in composition and perhaps taking on new subjects. Cauliflower? You bet. It is done on a really rough board but it was fun to do and laid down easily. We laughed at whether the painting was actually of the cauliflower or maybe a hydrangea. Does it really matter.........

And then there was a glass holding two cloves of garlic. That was a challenge.......all the different values and reflections and shadows. I really learned doing this one.  And who doesn't love garlic.

This photograph was very hard to get in artificial light ( they all were ). The daily paintworks challenge is the color tangerine this week.  So an apple with a stroke or two of tangerine is ok but a knife with that silver color holding various reflections is not ok.  But I tried and I will try again.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Working with the Color Wheel

This week in class we were given voluntary homework.  Sandra took a picture of a barn and we were to paint it using the complementary colors red and green and then to perhaps attempt it using the triad of green, orange and purple. We have been discussing color extensively so it was a good exercise.
Above, I did a quick, quick sketch with my oils that would help define any area I might have trouble with.....or more trouble that usual.  As always, it was in the drawing. I did succeed in defining my lights and darks.

This larger painting, about 8 x 12, is done in red and green. I only used those two colors to make any paint I wished to use. I think the eye moves nicely through the painting.

When I used the triad of orange, green and purple, I moved in on the barn. Some of the orange paint is  way to raw or "in your face" for me. And the foreground is a problem area. But I did lots of orange, some green and a little purple which is one successful way to handle a triad. This vertical work is 8 x 10....and maybe this is a horizontal work, even close up.

Lastly, this little 6 x 6 inch work is a close up of part of the front. I avoided the foreground problem, used red and green again, but differently.

And here is the photo that was sent to the class. For some reason I avoided the left side of the photo and now I see that could be nice balance. Look how many more paintings are still in this picture. Tomorrow class will discuss the process and look at each other's paintings. It will be fun. I vote for the largest painting.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday morning, Daily Paintworks

This week the challenge is to paint your breakfast. Oranges, this time of year for me, are morning, noon and night. I love them. Here are two little sections....

I posted this barn painting some time ago, lived with it, and this morning worked on the values.  I took out the raw red and lightened the light areas.  The sky might go lighter yet. We will see. I love the play of the three buildings.

I also reworked the close up of the Boomtown barn.  Value tells all.  Lights lighter but more importantly for this piece, the darks darker. Doesn't it have a story?