Sunday, March 27, 2011

Clean Studio

Another rainy day so it was time to clean, clean before the sun comes out and I flee to the outdoors. Feels so good to have everything in its place.......almost.

This is the start of the trike wall. There are a few more to put up and it will help me immensely when I go outdoors to do the trike. What a journey........

Here is the photo reference for # 18

And number 18 in progress.........Where are the darks?

Catching Up

 A couple of weeks ago I did the tonal studies that were suggested to me in class in order to study form.......I do not think I posted them and really they are numbers 14 through 17 in this commitment
Here you see a small one only  4 x 4 and done on a very rough piece of board.

 6 x 6

8 x 8

6 x 6

They were a valuable exercise to do...........and demonstrate the difficulty of getting ones lights light enough and ones darks dark enough.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Having a sense of humor

This is having a sense of humor!  It is my first, well second, self portrait.  The first one got painted over. So much fun. Who cares what color one's hair is . It was just fun to learn about and to accomplish. It took a few tries to get the eyes where they belong.......then it is easier for the other features of the face to fall into place.

Here is flower commitment #10.......tulips someone brought to class. Had quite a time getting the white pitcher vase to turn but finally accompished it. On my computer these flowers look washed out.........hope they are more intense on yours. They are in real life.

This is #9 in the flower series.  It is also a second try. Much more successfull than the first.  There are so very many colors in one simple little calla lily!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Working away.....

This is how trike # 5 ended up, so it is called #5-2.  I reworked some of the trike, especially the seat and then I put in some bolder colors.  Now I am leaving it alone but trust that I will revisit  the size, 24 x 24 inches and the set up.........with new eyes!

Two weeks ago mangos came to class!  They were fun to paint and a needed break from my flowers. Just refreshing.......

As were the oranges the next week.  Shapes and shadows, shapes and shadows........

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Testing, testing

Testing..........can you tell the difference? All four of these painting have changes, mostly minor, one or two major.  One challenge when doing small studies like this and then having them critiqued is that one tends to fuss and then mess up the whole thing.  But one or two of these are definitely improved!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Update on the blossoms

Today's class was great. We learned so much from the paintings students brought for review.  The results of my critique brought about scrapping off number 5........I really need to work on was boring, to say the least.  And number 6 needed work and I just prefer to start over.  When I just try to fix a couple of can go south really fast.  So for that, I will try another. Wonderful critique on # 7 and I will rework parts of it.........all about value.
# 8 had only a minor revision.  I always think I will remember what I need to about the works, but guess what......nope.  At any rate it was a great class.

After the instruction part, we worked on still life set-ups.  I did the mangos. They are lively and colorful...........
6 x 6, oil

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Daffodils and Calla Lilies

In class last week I did # 3.  It is about 5 x 10, very long and slender with warm tones playing off of the green of the flower stem and highlights. Oil on gessoed watercolor paper.  Now if I wish to frame it, I have to glue it onto other paper.  I am experimenting  with size before I glue.  Mostly brush work with little touches of palette knife.

# 4 is a 6 x 6 board, studying all the colors and shapes in the calla lily. Amazing what colors one can see in a flower.  I used to think these flowers were white!

# 5 is also 6 x 6 on a board and way too flat. Where are the values?

#5 revisited, after looking at it and working on #s  6 through 8.  Back to # 5 and put in some darks. So much better.  Not best, not a favorite but finally some values.

# 6 and still 6 x 6 on a board.  I love the pattern of the flowers as they travel a path through the painting. There were only a few darks, but so important.

# 7 , 6 x 6 done with Carol Marine's challenge in mind. One color per stroke, squint, step back.  Sounds easy and is not! Colors are great.

# 8 is also 6 x 6 and done with the one stroke per color challenge in mind. Not as successful but a great exercise!