Friday, December 02, 2011

The merry, merry month..........

This week's Daily Paintworks Challenge is to paint in the style of an admired artist.  Since I am so fond of flowers and really trying to get inside of them, I picked Georgia O'Keefe and her famous calla lilies.  This is from a photo I had of my own callas and to get the relationships right...........I had to turn the reference photo upside down. For now, that is a big help. Someday it might be a crutch. This painting is 5 x 7 and done on a gessoed board. Check out to see more of the lovely paintings.

Finally I started to paint from some of my Swiss photos.  There were amazing gardens everywhere.  This is my first attempt and I so enjoyed doing it. More to come.

You might have seen this on Facebook.  It is a trike I did for a friend who lost her husband. I am sure she will know who did it for her immediately.  I hope it brings a smile to her face.
I will continue to dig deeper into the trikes............I want to get one done that has an abstract quality about it.  They would also be fun to do indifferent styles..........Cubist Trike?

Guess who is coming............Santa!

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