Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Helen Putnam Park in December

The December challenge for Daily Paintworks is "paint your dog".  Now may I say, that is easier said than done.  Black dogs have lots of shiny blue, purple and grey in their coats which is great, but they smile with their tails......which is most difficult to capture.  You see how I handled it?  Josie is a fun dog, happy to play, happy to sleep for upteen hours. Maybe I should say she is a "whatever" dog. At any rate, here she is.   8 inches square and painted over an old painting that I scraped........which is why you see those lively flecks of color  here and there.

Painting class today was at Helen Putnam Park just outside of Petaluma.  It was so cold when we arrived, and then almost shirtsleeve weather at 12:30 during the critique part of the class. This December day displayed these great fall leaves and grass that was really spring green. My "word" for this painting that I was to keep in mind throughout was fleeting.  Anything that did not seem fleeting should go. It did not belong in the painting.  I adhered to this except for the hills in the background. I felt they were a nice contrast to fleeting and therefore enhanced the work. Long and narrow, done in oil,  7.5 x 15.
Fun, fun, fun.

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