Sunday, November 20, 2011

November fleeing...........

This has been a month of art housekeeping chores which does cut down on painting time, but I did get to put another coat on the white barn.  Now it has lots more depth and texture. That is a good thing.

Two weeks ago we painted in Putnam Plaza in downtown Petaluma.  I did the stairway up to Kentucy Street as I felt I needed instruction on doing stairs.  They came out just fine and I really needed little instruction.  I had them way too steep. When I corrected that, it all flowed just fine. This one and the others from class will be on display at the Thai restaurant that is in the Plaza for the holiday season.

Quite some time ago you saw this painting and it was green, so very green. I did not like it so it sat in the art closet, resting.
A few days ago I pulled it out and added another layer with color, lots of color (as long as it was not green) and look..........amazing, isn't it. Now you see  a happy place where someone left their trike. Just what I wanted.

November fleeing..........have a wonderful holiday..........

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