Tuesday, November 01, 2011

My weeks results.......

This is the upside down one after three visits. As I noted in my last post, the challenge was to put my reference photo upside down so that I would look at shapes and relationships, and not think, trike, trike. Hopefully the drawing is  correct. I think it is and then one week later I see something new.
 It will be fun to discuss composition at class tomorrow. My only thought, laughing away, was to crop the trike on three sides. Other than that, it landed where it was outside by the birdbath.

I took a painting of the trike to class last week with the drawing having several fatal flaws.  This is the painting redrawn and then repainted.  I left the rear of the trike as it was and squared everything else off of it. I also challenged myself to use fewer paint strokes.  That was difficult as I was painting over a painting but hopefully I left some areas with a mild abstract feeling...........

This little pumpkin will be posted on the Daily Paintworks challenge. Just paint a pumpkin.....that is all that was required. The one I chose was a mini that was very flat. Great Thanksgiving decoration?

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  1. Anonymous8:12 PM

    Helen, the final painting of the trike is WONDERFUL. I am so impressed. All it took was to "turn things upsidedown".I think this is your BEST ever! You got the inner structure of the bike correct as to make it real but yet not something that could be captured with a photo. Your brush strokes gave it "life" by representing your love of the subject matter. Great work! richard in florida