Sunday, October 16, 2011


Ok, so I have a thing for red barns. They have lots of personality.  This is the third painting I have done of Terry's barn. The perspective is better and the composition also. It seems to fit nicely on 8 x 8. When I post, I always see through new eyes. This time I am seeing a need for darker darks. We will see what tomorrow brings when I look again.

Wednesday art class met at Adobe Pumpkin Farm where there were so very many things to paint. What this farm had that some other do not, is rows and rows of flowers. I was very taken by the lovely variety....rows and rows of color.
For this painting, which is done on a 6 x 12 board, I was to go for the gesture of the blossoms and of the greenery. Shapes, shapes, shapes.
Love it.

Above the flowers you could look onto Adobe Road and see this massive gum tree. And I mean massive.  Sandra taught me lots about capturing the shape and then I worked on the foreground which I made way too bold. When I got home, I scraped most of the color off. This is the result......

And so I did another. Fun tree to paint.

And early Saturday I did another practice tree.......this one from my vacation.
Once again, are the darks dark enough?
Good question.
Great weekend painting.

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