Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Class today was fun....

I did this trike after class and discussing my first try with Sandra, the instructor. Her advice was to put my reference photo upside down and paint from that. Then I would be looking at shapes, not a trike. It really worked for me.  You are seeing it after one needs more but not lots more. That is the hard part.  It is also one of my larger paintings.  12 x 12 ,oil

I did revisit this little barn and now I am going to leave it alone and do another with a more exciting composition.  This is too sweet but certainly fun to do.  Maybe I need the upside down method again but with better composition.

This is really dark but it actually is a pretty dark painting. The fun today, as this is the one I did in class, was learning more about those trees I love so much.  I ended up pleased with the tree but the lowest part of the painting needs work......just a little excitement.
Onward and upward.

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