Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Class today was fun....

I did this trike after class and discussing my first try with Sandra, the instructor. Her advice was to put my reference photo upside down and paint from that. Then I would be looking at shapes, not a trike. It really worked for me.  You are seeing it after one needs more but not lots more. That is the hard part.  It is also one of my larger paintings.  12 x 12 ,oil

I did revisit this little barn and now I am going to leave it alone and do another with a more exciting composition.  This is too sweet but certainly fun to do.  Maybe I need the upside down method again but with better composition.

This is really dark but it actually is a pretty dark painting. The fun today, as this is the one I did in class, was learning more about those trees I love so much.  I ended up pleased with the tree but the lowest part of the painting needs work......just a little excitement.
Onward and upward.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Ok, so I have a thing for red barns. They have lots of personality.  This is the third painting I have done of Terry's barn. The perspective is better and the composition also. It seems to fit nicely on 8 x 8. When I post, I always see through new eyes. This time I am seeing a need for darker darks. We will see what tomorrow brings when I look again.

Wednesday art class met at Adobe Pumpkin Farm where there were so very many things to paint. What this farm had that some other do not, is rows and rows of flowers. I was very taken by the lovely variety....rows and rows of color.
For this painting, which is done on a 6 x 12 board, I was to go for the gesture of the blossoms and of the greenery. Shapes, shapes, shapes.
Love it.

Above the flowers you could look onto Adobe Road and see this massive gum tree. And I mean massive.  Sandra taught me lots about capturing the shape and then I worked on the foreground which I made way too bold. When I got home, I scraped most of the color off. This is the result......

And so I did another. Fun tree to paint.

And early Saturday I did another practice tree.......this one from my vacation.
Once again, are the darks dark enough?
Good question.
Great weekend painting.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


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Just experimenting.  Yes, it is this easy to upload pictures from Shutterfly.  Who knew?
I loved the windowboxes in Switzerland and took several photos of them, hoping to paint them.  Soon we will have rain and I will stay indoors and give it a try.

Critique was great and all the photos I posted last time have things for me to work on, fix, alter, etc. It is such a  delightful experience to see how the work changes when I put to practice the instructor's comments.

Tomorrow I will load all the fountains I saw. And maybe some art work...........

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Making progress

This is an 11 x 14 canvas......I just wanted to do something with size for a change.  And I got size didn't I? This red barn is at my friend Terry's ranch and posed lots of problem spots for me.  Getting the angles and shapes correct was a challenge.....then on to keeping the landscape way back and lastly the punch so you know where to look. The  critique will be fun... and should involve that bit of roof on the edge of the canvas.

Another interesting shape..........6 x 12.  Number two in this process. I like this fence better and those trees really do look like the "gum" trees of Two Rock. And yet I wanted a looser painting.....I am not sure this is loose enough for where I want to get. On to the critique in art class for this one also.

Hopefully the last revision. It's looking pretty good.

I did this little 6 x 6 study from the roof top of the downtown Petaluma garage. So the challenge was the relationship between the part of the house in the front with the turning basin and boat behind. I also had the opportunity to edit out objects. It was my first painting after returning from to be back in class and learning about looking down.

This little painting started as a 30 minute study and I also took a reference photo. Then after looking at my 30 minute work for about a week, I finished it up with highlights and another layer of color. The little bit of red along the street is very important. Perhaps the river reflection divides the painting in two?  I do love that paintings are all about a little moment of time. Love the process!