Thursday, September 22, 2011

Back From Vacation

As many of you know, I spent the first two weeks of September in Ticino, Switzerland. It was an absolutely fabulous vacation. My cousin and I stayed with our dear friend and college-mate, Vivien at her home in Lodano.  No oil paints, but I did experiment with gouache. Looking, it is obvious that I do not yet know how to get the intensity of color that I want. This hydrangea was up at their summer "hut" in the mountains where there is just no time. We sat around, I painted, we ate, rested. Wonderful

One day I went and sat in the local restaurant and did a couple of pen and ink drawings. This is very, very simply was hot.

When I returned I took up the Daily Paintworks challenges again. This green mug is my second try at counting how many strokes one needs in each value area and not picking up the brush.......just loading it full enough for the one area. So I kept to my 20ish strokes and did not go back and adjust anything. It is all about keeping it simple, thinking about your strokes before you lay them down, evaluating values.  Great exericse.

Ticino has all the same flowers that we grow here in northern California. It was lush and green as they had plenty of summertime rain showers this year. Smiling out from the ferns and other greens was the old favorite rudbeckia. Such a happy plant.

Our first free day in Ticino, after adjusting to the flight and landing in the next day.....we went to lunch in Ascona which neighbors Locarno. You are looking from right in front of our lunch table out onto Lago Maggiore. Heavenly.  I can still taste the Calamari Salad..........yes, it is all about the food!
I will keep sharing special photos with you, sharing my art and I will see if I can rope those two grandboys into a picture or two. And my garden is getting ready for that last, lovely fall bloom


  1. Thanks for taking me on a short vacation. I had a great time with you briefly. Such nice work. Keep trying the gouache. Love the challenge!

  2. Pam Luther1:02 PM

    This photo brought back wonderful memories. We stayed in Ascona for a few nights in 1998 when we wandered through the villages of Ticino exploring my geneology. We had lunch in a similar sidewalk cafe. Such a beautiful area.